Pictures of Us

Braden Gates

BRADEN GATES is writing hard hitting topical songs giving us a street
view of our times and that are delivered with honesty and conviction.
PICTURES OF US is his fourth album – his first release on Borealis
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m u c h r a t h e r b e s l e e p i n g

conway jankowski

bridget sold jewellery on a blanket on the sidewalk along whyte avenue
she was always looking to make some money and every time i saw her she had a different reason to
and although her jewellery was not the best, she liked to work with a particular shade of blue
that reminded me of a woman I knew, well, i still do, but i used to, too

dale was always hanging around and although he did not make jewellery, he could make you cry
often with as little words as 'spare some change for a bottle of rye'
dale and i, we got to know each other over some time, and he started asking about my music
i'd say, 'it's not saving anybody's life, but i guess it's alright'

one night i ran into dale and i just had to ask him how he could make it so long out on the street
and despite being a bottle or so deep, without missing a beat he got right into the middle of the lord's prayer pslam 23
'although i walk in the valley of the shadow of death, i fear no evil, for the lord is my shepherd, he comforts me'

if you are anything like dale, you may find comfort in the lord's prayer, or maybe just the booze
if you are anything like bridget, you may find solace in selling craft along a busy avenue
and if you are anything like me, you may find hope in writing songs
some of the songs i've written are recorded and some of them may never be
some of the songs you may hear me play at a festival, or a house concert, or at an open mic
some of the songs are on my new album called 'much rather be sleeping'
and although that's an appropriate title to describe many moments of my life
it is not accurate when i have the chance to play music

so, with bridget in mind, and dale, and that woman i knew, well, still do, but used to, too
i move on in search of that perfect shade of blue
writing songs along the way
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f e r r i s w h e e l

conway jankowski

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