and another one for you

an old girlfriend  

well, i mean 

she isn’t old  

she is younger than me 

older than she was though 

let’s just say, an old 

young girlfriend  

yes, an old 

young acquaintance of…

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happy birthday connor

without mcdavid 

the oilers would be mess 

i mean they still are a mess 

but without hockey’s prince of peace they would be 

an even bigger mess 

a bunch of tires on fire 

today is the messiah’s birthday 

i celebrate…

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dear god

while walking to my car 

i crossed a man 

who was stopped 

on the sidewalk 

he had his bags on the ground 

and he stood for a rest 

his smile was wider than a mile 

‘jesus loves you’ 

was embroidered…

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friends and neighbours

returned a rental 

to long and mcquade 

a small sound system  

to give the voice a boost 

so the audience can almost hear me when i mumble instead of not hearing me at all 

‘what did he say?’  

they’ll say 

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same old same old

i found my wallet 

it was on the floor in some laundry  

i looked a million times  

is someone playing a trick  

i cancelled my credit card because of course the thief who had it was…

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can you pay for dinner?

one debit card 

one credit card  

one license  

is that how you spell it? 

one hundred thousand receipts  

three sobriety chips  

a hundred and some dollars 

mostly in fives  

some other cards…

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today i will sweep the floor

pick up garbage

stack pizza boxes in the corner

wash the bed sheets

dry the bed sheets

talk to dad

talk to marlee

talk to glenn

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airport buskin' setlist

gentle on my mind - john hartford

buckets of rain - bob dylan

christmas in paradise - mary gauthier

still so close - braden gates

casting fly - braden gates

pictures of us - braden gates

satisfied mind - joe…

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new song i'm workin'

what's there to do when a loved one dies

what's there to say when your lover cries

guess i'll let my memories take me back

guess i'll let the silence fill the cracks


tonight it's dinner at the wonton house

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sweet tooth

about 504 hours ago 

i played a show in athabasca 

it was at the nancy appleby theatre 

at intermission they had lots of delicious treats being served 

so i snuck out to the front to collect my fair share 


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last year’s birthday poem for elliot


a genuine human bean sneaker 

touch and go 

sugar tooth sweet lips 

claw hammer hand job on the banjo 

and a fiddler, too! 

to clarify: 

too many qualities  

to explain by…

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chasin’ rainbows

a quick poem before a coffee meeting 

maybe 2 minutes max 

as short as life may seem 

it's a getbetterannuallyatcollectingreceipts 

a letstrycreatingmomentswithintention 

and a ilovethesoundofthewordbingo 

no space between words 

dope and whiskey everyday 

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