glad i brushed my teeth

the mall walkers are here with a vengeance 

taking every corner as if rounding towards the finish 

every square inch of tile floor used to exact a joint bone conviction 

headphone jewellery 

a tennis shoe serenade 

a spandex garment on a jello moon 

you know, running into someone that you recognize in a place where you least expect to run into someone that you recognize is startling 

‘have you been fiddling’ 

‘have you been staring at the ceiling with your eyes closed’ 

‘have you been looking at the mirror with your face on backwards’ 

‘you look good otherwise, i can see it in your eyes’ 

i am here to say that i have recovered from this blindsided passing of flesh and blood 

of this episode of tiny talk and tooth reveal 

glad i brushed this morning 

usually when walking the mall i find no need to 

the universe works in curious ways

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