why is the music so loud

dear pinky 

my heart is a parade of unpaid 

parking infractions 

a cleave of recklessness followed by inaction 

i was all mixed up on the suggested way home 

kicking up the dirt in my brain for losing sight of my own 

i usually take the back alley towards the moon river express where last night i met a man who made it clear that his purpose here on the ol’ earth ball was to protest the extreme volume of live music: 

‘im here to protest the extreme volume of live music’ he said 

‘what’ i said 

‘im here to protest the extreme temperatures of live music’ 


‘put your ear plug in take your ear plug out put your ear plug in and shake it all about’ 


i broke up with my boyfriend 

his name was too many decibels 

and now i am trying to fill the void with too many syllables while icing the insides of my ears with a q-tip: 

so, pinky, if i could ask just one thing of you: 

turn the house down so that we can live to fight another day

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