from the summer

the trick is to find purpose in the mundane 

like hopscotch bottle rockets 

off a sunset balcony 

and if dishes were horses 

i would be singing cowboy songs 

like tyson or lund 

and if…

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raptors are the champions

big sho(e)w tonight in edmonton 

last night i fell asleep to fireworks in the streets of the big smoke  

i mean, i did not fall asleep in the streets 

i fell asleep to the sound of fireworks…

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i put pants on  

and a new pair of socks  

walk down stairs  

sit and read brautigan 

drink coffee 

madeline meets me to write 

i have written with other people before 

but mostly…

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driving west down 107th ave

towards technicare to deliver a lens

that abby was supposed to use to shoot

a recording session that never happened

i used to drive this way with jordan

on our way to a meeting on…

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stomach full of roses

i live above a coffee shop

across from canada place

north of the river

the walls are glass

and the floor is concrete

janice says, 'mind if i sit here?'

i say, 'no'

she pulls out…

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sushi #1

a couple weeks ago i made a bit of money on tour with jake morley 

in four days we played in 



grande prairie 

and athabasca 

now i feel rich and i eat sushi a lot 

my favourite is…

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songs to finish

stealing flowers

budlight balladeer

kitchen days

perogy eating contest

driving the sound guy home

where did i park my car

i have huge news to tell you (but not just yet)

i'm just here for the wifi

i skipped leg…

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i remember walking towards whyte

i was on your right side and slightly behind when you said

'gates, i think you drink too much'

i cannot recall my response in words

but i remember feeling as if you were both…

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good luck in australia

'i love you' rolls off the tip my tongue

this time back down the esophagus

into my stomach

joining the mango tango

and the seaweed salad

i wish our lives could be a dance floor

and that the music would…

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it is snowing

she can almost play twinkle twinkle 

her tone is good for a beginner

she holds the fiddle like she is afraid to drop it

and that is how i hold her


fort saskatchewan

do you remember when we sat at the tim horton’s 

across 21 from from the high school 

well the high school is now a middle school 

and canada’s java makes me shit my pants 

every time i come back i…

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