promotional attempt for a show

choked on some applesauce 

while ruffling through the trash bin of my heart: and there in the darkest corner of the vacuum, a speckled diamond mutineer: come to the show he sez come tew the shoe he sez com 2…

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i want to win awards

the end of the hallway smells of cat urine 

as i come out of the elevator it touches my sniffing faculty as if to say: 

welcome home cowboy, we have missed you 

i am no more a…

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why is the music so loud

dear pinky 

my heart is a parade of unpaid 

parking infractions 

a cleave of recklessness followed by inaction 

i was all mixed up on the suggested way home 

kicking up the dirt in my brain for losing sight of my…

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the war has just begun

songs are green plastic soldiers 

in combat formation 

placed by a childish hand on a racetrack carpet 

knocked behind enemy lines 


and then back for a triumphant return 

into the heel of a mother 

and ‘fuck’ goes the battle…

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i could use a song

songs are lifelines 

an ask the audience on who wants to be a millionaire 

a reserve tank on a buick 6 

an extra 9 volt in a guitar case 

i could live the rest of my days walking through songs 

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give me pepto bismol

when i think of you 

i lose my breath 

then i find it as if it was never gone 

like fumbling for the keys 

while they're in the ignition 

or looking for my phone while it's in my hand 


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glad i brushed my teeth

the mall walkers are here with a vengeance 

taking every corner as if rounding towards the finish 

every square inch of tile floor used to exact a joint bone conviction 

headphone jewellery 

a tennis shoe serenade 

a spandex garment on…

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waiting outside the pool hall in the sun 

seeing you now i realize that i do not care to see you no more than i care to see a stranger in the street 

delightfully pleasant 

those movements of flesh and…

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lawn chair

he woke on a pull out mattress 

in room 406 at the norseman inn 

in rose city alberta 

his sister on the double queen across the floor 

it had been so long since they had slept under the same…

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is it neighbour or neighbor?

he wondered how the neighbours kept their grass so perfect 

straight lines where the wheels of the mower had pressed through 

sprinklers in the sunset  

it is an odd endeavor to water the lawn 

at least…

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almost tired of ice cream

ok so i am in banff 

writing songs at the banff centre for witchcraft and wizardry 

my work ethic needs some work 

i mostly wander around until i find a piano to sleep under 

usually i don't have to go…

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new years eve show promo

the year has been good 

saw mcdavid a couple times 

bought a pair of skates at totem for cheap 

used em four times already 

started listening to ry cooder 

and norah jones, too 

went to toronto 

and regina 

and banff 

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