almost tired of ice cream

ok so i am in banff 

writing songs at the banff centre for witchcraft and wizardry 

my work ethic needs some work 

i mostly wander around until i find a piano to sleep under 

usually i don't have to go far 

i eat ice cream everyday 

and i met a new friend named Bobby Dove and she gave me a hat to wear and also a t shirt and also an album to listen to 

and we wrote a song together 

it's called more than i can take 

i've written four others 

for all of you mathmagicians 

that makes five 

they are as follows: 

there is always a first (and always a last) 

norah jones at closing time 

every thursday night 

abstinence makes the heart grow fonder 

and i am working on one called moon river 

i think it is going to be a hit 


i could be over it 

feels weird to try and push 'em out 

and i am almost tired of ice cream 

too soon to tell

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