is it neighbour or neighbor?

he wondered how the neighbours kept their grass so perfect 

straight lines where the wheels of the mower had pressed through 

sprinklers in the sunset  

it is an odd endeavor to water the lawn 

at least it seemed that way to him 

he wondered if the outside aesthetic matched the inside 

a table set with fine china, symmetrically pleasing 

sparkling floors, family photos with big smiles 

no fits of anger or lust or despair 

not the feeling of missing someone that is in the same room 

he wondered if there was a word for that feeling 

he wondered if there was a word for the act of keeping your grass perfect 

neurotic was the first word that came to mind 

anxious, tense, high-strung 

he finished cutting his grass, bagged it, put the mower away 

went inside, took a drink of water 

looked out the front window, considered the neighbour's lawn 

he considered his and realized that although neurotic 

anxious, tense, and high-strung 

could be good descriptors for the feeling of missing someone in the same room 

they were not accurate words to describe the act of keeping your lawn perfect 

for his lawn looked meek in comparison 

a few spots missed, and brown in places 

and for such an anxious person 

he wondered why he didnt give a fuck about the way his lawn looked 

or what the neighbours would think 

if he invited them in for a cup of coffee

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