sushi #1

a couple weeks ago i made a bit of money on tour with jake morley 

in four days we played in 



grande prairie 

and athabasca 

now i feel rich and i eat sushi a lot 

my favourite is the mango tango roll 

in the last week i’ve been to 

maki maki 

japanais bistro 

and i love sushi 

maki maki is the best because the lighting is dark and it is open late 

when i fall in love 

i wrap myself in seaweed and fish eggs and say 

‘dip me in soy and have your way’ 

most the time i am swallowed whole and i am left scratching at the insides thinkin’ 

‘how’d i get back here again’ 


‘who’s going to water my plants’ 


‘how’d i run out of money so fast’

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