i put pants on  

and a new pair of socks  

walk down stairs  

sit and read brautigan 

drink coffee 

madeline meets me to write 

i have written with other people before 

but mostly i am private in my endeavours 

i have never written with ex lovers 

one time i went to a show with one but it felt like the flip side of a dream 

‘she says, ‘what do you want to write about?’ 

‘can we write about my new socks?’ 


‘i really love the colourful design in the foot but i am disappointed with how the leg of the sock is just blue so that when i wear shoes no body can tell how beautiful they are’ 

‘you should wear flip flops’ 

and that is how our song 

‘flip flop slick socks’ was written

i think it is going to be a hit



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