raptors are the champions

big sho(e)w tonight in edmonton 

last night i fell asleep to fireworks in the streets of the big smoke  

i mean, i did not fall asleep in the streets 

i fell asleep to the sound of fireworks in the streets 

or, i mean, the fireworks were not  in the streets, but lit up in the streets and then sprayed upon the sky 

i mean, could only assume they were sprayed against the sky because i could not see them only hear them from a bed in a house  

have you ever been in a house, papa? 

it’s got walls and a roof and a carpet and a toilet and if you are lucky there is lots of love 

lots of love and toothpaste and empathy 

and toilet paper and comfort and melody and pictures of vince carter and jokes and tears and songs and songs and songs 

but no fireworks  

well, i mean, no lit fireworks  

that would be sketchy  

ok, i think we are boarding  

im full of sun milk and moon tuna 

catch you at the break

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