friends and neighbours

returned a rental 

to long and mcquade 

a small sound system  

to give the voice a boost 

so the audience can almost hear me when i mumble instead of not hearing me at all 

‘what did he say?’  

they’ll say 

that’s what they’ll say 

they’ll say 

‘did you get that?’ 


it’s humid in the guitar room 

like a sauna where you keep your clothes on 

there is a threat playing guitar in the corner 

he goes strum strum strum 

i go pluck pluck on a nylon 

he says 

‘do you play classical’ 

i say, ‘no’ 

he says, ‘I’ll be quiet so you can play’ 

i say, ‘no no’ 

he says, ‘i just mess around i’ve never had a lesson’ 

i say, ‘i can tell’  


‘what did he say?’  

that’s what they will say 

they will say 

‘did you get that?’ 


thanks for coming to the show