and another one for you

an old girlfriend  

well, i mean 

she isn’t old  

she is younger than me 

older than she was though 

let’s just say, an old 

young girlfriend  

yes, an old 

young acquaintance of mine  

made a post online  

with a picture of her face  

about how she 

welcomes the ‘muse’ 

with things like  



and trying to not force things 

into a marketable box 

she asked others to  

comment with how they  

also welcome the ‘muse’ 

so i thought that 

i would give it a try 

first i wake up and attempt  

a bowel movement or 

take a piss and try to shake  

well enough so that urine doesn’t  

drip down my leg 

(which seems to be happening a lot) 

then ill watch hockey highlights  

which usually include connor mcdavid or any oilers postgame interviews 

then ill put pants on and walk downstairs for coffee 

or maybe somewhere a bit further  

if the weather is nice 

then ill try to read a book 

but mostly i will just scroll through 

instagram or facebook 

and then read blogs on oilersnation 

then i will waft through  

some notes on my phone  

and find things like 

‘the school bus driver is drunk’ 


‘the avocado went bad’ 


‘i love the way your back sweats’ 

and then i will put my phone away  

and walk to the canada place  

food court and eat a donair 

and then i will walk home 

and wonder why i chose  

to consume a donair 

and then i’ll wonder 

why i chose to do everything 

that i have done 


why i’ve chosen a craft  

where one can 

dance and play 

and post photos  

of their face online  

to conjure up some mystical  

songwriting spirit  

that will guide them to some  

principled body of work 

and by the time i enter  

the third floor of my  

apartment building  

i’ll have written three songs 

one for the school bus driver 

one for the avocado 

and another one for you